Due to the raw oyster warning in Los Angeles County, Chef Humphreys has opted to serve an East Coast variety of oysters until further notice.

During oyster hour (m, w, th, f from 3-4 pm) patrons can taste three different varieties of oysters from Prince Edward Island to the Chesapeake Bay.

Try three oyster varieties.

Walkers Select (VA) are Cage-grown by a family-owned farm on sandbars at the mouth of the Ware River, where it opens onto Mobjack Bay and the Chesapeake; these are classic examples of mid-salinity Chesapeake oysters.

Sarah’s Shore (PEI) is famed for its jade green shells and rich flavor; Sarah’s Shores hail from Colville Bay Oyster farm, a family-owned and operated business headed by fisherman Johnny Flynn. They start with medium salt, fill your mouth with nutty, popcorn-like flavors, and finish with a lingering floral lemon zest.

Grand River Malpeque Oysters made PEI famous for its oysters. At a Paris exhibition in 1900, Malpeques were judged the world’s tastiest oyster, bringing the region into the limelight. Since then, Malpeques has become a household oyster variety like Blue Points. They are at most raw bars or on the happy hour menu. Though wild, Malpeque Oysters are clean in look and flavor, reflective of PEI’s pristine waters. Harvesters still go out in dories and hand harvest them with tongs, just like the good old days.


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