try the freshest sushi prepared by our guest sushi chef toshi from z sushi japanese cusine. sushi rolls (cut and signature), sashimi bowls, and sushi platters to-go, available for pickup and delivery after 4:30pm.

exciting news!

we have hired a guest sushi chef to help bring authentic sushi to plate38. watch chef toshi and chef humphreys on plate38’s facebook live cooking show. learn more about sushi and how to make sushi rolls at home.

plate 38 sushi menu

made fresh to order starting at 4:30pm

two piece sushi

salmon 5.5
tuna 6.5
yellowtail 6.5
albacore 6
shrimp 5.5
eel 6

cut rolls

california roll 6
cucumber roll 4.5
ahi tuna roll 6.5
yellowtail roll 7
albacore tuna roll 6.5
salmon roll 7
shrimp tempura roll 7

mix and match, 5 rolls 28

add ons
avocado +1
make it spicy, no charge

signature rolls

plate 38 roll 17
real jumbo crab and smoked jalapeno, siracha aioli, avocado, cucumber, topped with yellowtail, garlic chips, yuzu kosho

chef robert’s tuna duo roll 16
spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber and cilantro, topped w/ albacore, scallions, sesame seeds, yuzu ponzu vinaigrette

rainbow roll 15
avocado, cucumber, crab, topped with salmon, yellowtail, albacore, tuna, shrimp

dragon roll 15
california roll with avocado, eel on top, eel sauce

shrimp tempura crunchy roll 13
crab, avocado, cucumber, crunchy topping, siracha aioli, eel glaze

caterpillar roll 13
eel on the inside, covered with avocado, sesame seeds, eel sauce

platters and bowls

mixed sashimi platter 29
tuna, salmon, yellowtail, albacore

mixed sushi platter 27
tuna, salmon, yellowtail, albacore, eel, shrimp

sashimi and market vegetable salad 17
seasonal greens, daikon radish, carrots, bell peppers, jicama, scallions, sesame seeds, wonton chips, sesame vinaigrette

sashimi rice bowls 14
chef’s selection of fish over steamed rice, edamame, seaweed salad, avocado, cucumber, scallion, sesame seed, cilantro, micro shiso sesame