1. Helena Eversole

    Good afternoon, I just made a reservation for 2 at 7pm in Saturday. I would like to change that to Tuesday the 8th at same time. Please confirm this is possible. With thanks.

    1. Plate 38

      Hello Helena,
      We just got your comment. If you made your reservation on this page, please call us directly or you can also revise your reservation on by logging into your account. Thank you for the message and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
      Thank you for your reservation!

  2. Erin Vizcarra

    Hi, i’d like to make a reservation for Friday June 4th, at 7 for 10 people. I called the main line, but there was no answer and the mailbox wasn’t set up. Thanks! Let me know if theres a better time to call back or if we can arrange here.

    1. Plate 38

      Hi Erin, please reserve with the opentable form above on this page or you can call us (we don’t support voicemail at this time, so please continue to try us if the phone line is busy.) The comments on our webpage are not meant for reservation requests. We hope to see you in or you were able to make a reservation.

  3. Ethan

    This is Ethan. Just made a reservation for Sat 21, 12pm. I would like to request outdoor seating with shade if that’s possible.


    1. Plate 38

      Hi Ethan,

      Thank you for your note. Most of our outdoor area is shaded by an awning. Please inform the host when you arrive and we will do our best to accommodate your request.