no tricks, just treats to eat

Our new seasonal desserts capture your favorite fall flavors and are blissful for a limited time. Halloween candy doesn’t stand a chance.

classic tarte tatin 15
carmelized apples, puff pastry, with a scoop of vanilla gelato (NF) (V)

beehive baked alaska 15
a riff on an american classic, honey and orangeblossom semifreddo, sesame seed cake,torched meringue (GF) (NF) (V)

vanilla spice panna cotta 15
pomegranate gelée, wine-poached pear, and gluten-free sugar cookie (GF) (NF)

samuel german’s luxe chocolate cake 15
rich devil’s food cake, toasted coconut cream reduction, house-made toffee pecans, cocoa streusel, chocolate sauce, with coconut gelato (V)

hazelnut marjolaine 15
kristin’s twist on a french pastry, crisp meringue noisette, whipped chocolate ganache, ginger buttercream, pumpkin crème chantilly GF) (V)

affogato 12
double shot of espresso, house-made hazelnut biscotto, vanilla gelato (V)

(GF) gluten free (NF) nut free (V) vegetarian (VG) vegan

pastry chef — kristin ferguson smith