On Thursday, May 31 Chef Robert has hand-picked a farm-to-table 5-course tasting menu from Thorne Family Farms in Malibu, CA

one night only, $69 per person


course 1

Thorne farms salad of heirloom lettuces

red butter lettuce, baby red and green gem lettuce, watermelon radishes, strawberries candied walnuts, tomme pilota cheese

course 2

yellow beet dough tortellini, cana de cabra goats milk filling

pickled beets, smoked butternut squash, squash blossoms, cauliflower puree, spring onion, micro cilantro, parmesan

course 3

pan seared wild alaskan halibut

baby sprouting purple broccoli, petite cauliflower. curried fingerling potato, yuzu truffle emulsion baby dill

course 4

a5 BMS 12 grade satsuma wagyu rib cap 3.5oz

spring ramps with young leeks, spring garlic, fava bean tendrils, point reyes blue cheese, and bacon, double stuffed red potatoes

course 5

ricotta mint and lemon panna cotta

blueberries, strawberries, sauterne