1. Katie

    I would love to grab some dinner for take out. How amiable are you to make modifications to accommodate a dairy allergy?

    1. Plate 38

      Hi Katie, We are able to accommodate for dairy allergies with most of our menu. Please be sure to ask when you call in your order. Thank you!

  2. Bethany

    Would you all consider adding a vegan burger or entree to the menu? I live in walking distance of you and shouldn’t be asking this because I will have zero self-control if you add it and will have to quadruple my burger budget. But it’s 2020 and every comfort matters so I had to ask :).

    1. Plate 38

      We do not have a vegan burger at this time. But we do offer any of our burders with grilled portabella mushroom as a substitute. Please call to inquire with our chef on special dietary requests.